What is Period Property Restoration?

In East Anglia, within the field of historic preservation, building restoration is defined as... 

"The action or process of accurately revealing, recovering or representing the state of a historic building, as it appeared at a particular period in its history, while protecting its heritage value."

Restoration work is performed to reverse decay, or alterations made to the building. A part of a restoration can involve the replacement of outdated heating and cooling systems with newer ones, or after careful study, the installation of climate controls that never existed at the time of building.

Period property restoration in Suffolk with K.E. Jones & SonK.E. Jones & Son builders based in Suffolk is a company specialising in traditional building techniques for the conservation and restoration of historic buildings and listed property in England. We work all across Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, and beyond.

We encourage the use of traditional materials and craftsmanship for our conservation repairs, structural alterations and partly new build structures.

We have been restoring properties for more then 20 years now, and this gives us plenty of much needed experience, and know how, to do this sort of work anywhere in East Anglia.

If you are an owner of a listed property in Suffolk, Essex or Cambridgeshire, or simply wish to bring back your period house to life, we are the right period restoration company for you.

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