Is your period property in need of restoration?

Do you own a period property that you are looking to renovate or restore to its former glory?

Does it hold listed building status? Is it in a conservation area? Are there any other considerations you must make before changing the property structurally, or visually?

Period property restoration in Suffolk with K.E. Jones & Son At K.E. Jones & Son, based on the Essex and Suffolk border near Sudbury, we have undertaken many renovation and restoration projects on old and traditional properties, using techniques and skills learned and enhanced over many years that fulfil and meet all planning regulations, while maintaining the character of the building.

We are happy to help walk you thrugh all the possibilities and options that are open to you with regards to developing your period property, and here are a few things you need to think abotu before commencing any major works... 

Does your property have any period features?
One of the first decisions to make is whether to carry out works in sympathy with the structure or to replace with modern equivalents. Sometimes you may not have the choice, but there are often options available to you. 

From an investment perspective it is generally wise to preserve period features wherever possible. There will, however be a cost implication. Replacing or repairing a wooden sash window could cost between £600 and £1400, while fitting a new UPVC window would be a fraction of the cost. This may not be something you are willing, or indeed, able, to do to your property

Is the property 'listed'?
If so, this may mean you are limited in any changes you can make that might affect the overall character, or significance, of the property.  Any building work will require ‘listed building consent’ from your local planning authority, according to the Planning Act 1990. Even minor work, such as painting, or a simple repair, can come under the scope of the Planning Act.

Period property restoration in Suffolk with K.E. Jones & SonHow can you improve your listed building?
When undertaking works to a listed building, as far as possible, you should look to repair, rather than replace, the original fabric of the building and keep original features, e.g. doors, windows. If you have to replace features, use traditional materials and follow original designs, match existing materials like-for-like, design internal alterations so that they are in keeping with the character of the buildings and avoid modern materials and components which look out of place and may harm the fabric of the building. Always keep alterations to a minimum

What should you not do to a listed building?
When renovating or resoring a period property, you should avoid painting or rendering over stonework, removing architectural features, such as original doors, windows, mullions and decorative stonework, add new pipework, flues or alarm boxes on principal elevations, demolish or lower chimneystacks or remove pots, replace walls and roofs with non-traditional materials or turn roofing slates. Restrictions also apply to the surroundings of the building, so you should not demolish boundary walls and gates.

Period property restoration in Suffolk with K.E. Jones & SonIs there a damp proof course and what is its general condition?
In the past builders and property owners did not have access to the materials we use today, thus in some older properties there was no damp layer. If in doubt, bring in a damp specialist who has experience with your age of property.

Is woodworm present? The issue with woodworm is that you don’t know you’ve got a problem until you can see it. For properties that come with woodworm guarantees, bear in mind that this only covers the area they treated at the time and that companies come and go – it’s an insurance backed warranty you’re after.

Use professionals
Always use professionals for jobs reliant on specialist skills, or those with legal regulations. Ideally use those who have experience in older and listed buildings. Cut corners and you will generally pay in the long run! With over 40 years of experience, K.E. Jones & Son will be able to help you with your period property renovation or restoration in Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, London, East Anglia and across the south east of England.

So, give us a call to discuss your needs and we'd be happy to share with you our expertise.