Did you know an estimated 70% of heritage building or repair work is undertaken by unskilled practitioners?

If you’re embarking on a London period property renovation or countysite building restoration, you need specially trained builders you can trust to maintain the integrity of your property. Without this expertise, you risk costly and potentially irreversible damage. 

K.E. Jones & Son has many years’ experience with period properties and Grade I and Grade II listed buildings in Suffolk. This, together with our traditional skills and attention to detail, means we always provide the appropriate materials and techniques required for historic and traditionally constructed buildings. A period property renovation London project can be complex. That’s why K.E. Jones & Son provides assistance, guidance and advice throughout the project. We can advise you of the required permissions, meet with your planning officer and local conservation officer – whatever is required to bring your period property back to life.

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Little Waldingfield Church Restoration

We were very excited to be working with Historic England on this restoration of the church in Little Waldingfield. Internal plaster walls had perished, so the church walls had to be removed. We then had  to apply a coat of lime render, a coat of themalime and a coat of fine lime all supplied by the Anglia Lime Company.


Here's a completed wall.


The final rough coat of plaster.



Here's what the stripped back and prepared wall looks like.


You can find out more about this project on our blogs 'Latest Project - Church Restoration' and 'Update on Our Church Restoration'.


Newton Project

This project in Newton involved us carrying out restoration work. We replaced brick panels, made repairs to the roof, and replaced windows. We also installed a heating upgrade, and replaced the existing kitchen with a bespoke one. A window lantern was also installed. The end result is stunning.


Clare Priory Project

Clare Priory is one of the oldest established religious houses in the country, dating back to 1248. We were immensely proud to undertake this project to replace and re-render the clock tower, and to install a purpose-made weather vane.