Chimney in Little Cornard

This week we have started a new job in Little Cornard. The chimney is being built first, and then we have numerous alterations and renovations to carry out there. Watch this space for more information and pictures as we progress!


Bures Road Job

It's been a while since we blogged about our job in Bures Road. On our last update we told you that the steels had been put in. Since then we have made great progress and this job is now nearing completion. Here are the latest pictures. We think you'll agree that it looks fantastic - look how the light floods into the room. 





Lean-To Rebuild

We had another busy week last week. As well as preparing the base for our conservatory build in Newton, we also rebuilt a lean-to at another property in the village.







Last week we began work on a new job in Newton. We are building a conservatory. So far the base has been laid in preparation.


Property at Great Cornard drying out following burst tank

Our new job at Great Cornard is coming along well. It is now completely stripped out and going through the drying process.



Great Cornard Water Damage

Last week we commenced work on a property in Great Cornard that had extensive water damage. We are making good progress. We have removed the lime plaster which will allow it to dry out.


Water damage in Great Cornard

This week we have been called in to strip out a property in Great Cornard after a water tank burst in the loft, causing extensive damage. We will need to remove ceilings, make all the electrics safe, remove all the wet plaster, skirting boards and affected doors and flooring, and allow everything to dry out. Pictures below show the extent of the damage, and we will update you as we progress with repairs.